I Am My Own Wife – Old Fitz


It’s the moments of quiet solitude and reflection, though, that are most gripping. Beneath an exuberant, confident exterior lays a terrifically strong woman who artfully navigated not only war but the everyday dealings with those who vilified her.

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Matilda – Australian Premiere

matilda-Image-2 Matilda_AU_James-Morgan

Matilda is magic. Not of the tricks kind (although there are lots of those) but of the genius musical kind. The kind that has a full house on its feet giving a standing ovation for minutes on end. The kind that leaves you weeping from the sheer brilliance you just witnessed.

Full review published in Australian Arts Review.

What is the Matter with Mary Jane? Seymour Centre

mary jane mary jane 2

What is the matter with Mary Jane? is a beautiful illustration of the power of theatre in changing lives. The audience is given keen insight into the real-life story of Sancia Robinson’s battle with anorexia and bulimia. Mental illness is given a voice, an explanation and a cure. What a special gift for the audience.

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Blonde Poison – Old Fitz Theatre


A beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed Jewish woman gets the opportunity mid-WWII to save herself and her beloved parents from extermination. The catch? Send fellow Jews to the concentration camps in her place. She was called Blonde Poison because Stella Goldschlag had the kiss of death. She stalked the streets of Germany to rat on her own friends, colleagues and neighbours.

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Avenue Q – Enmore Theatre

avenueq1 ET_Avenue-Q-2015

The show revolves around a bunch of 20-somethings who live in a group of terrace houses in New York. They’ve each got their own hang-ups and problems (finding steady employment, unfulfilled dreams, closeted homosexuality, directionless) and through some of the wittiest songs in musical theatre canon, they sing and laugh away their blues.

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Men – Old Fitz Theatre

redline1Men 2

The first 30 minutes of Brendan Cowell’s Men is painful. Jules (Sean Hawkins) struts around like the sun shines out of his backside, as if humans were placed on earth to marvel at his greatness. Bob (Ben O’Toole) peacocks around like the million dollar package down his pants is God’s gift to women…

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Misterman – Old Fitz/Siren Theatre Co


Misterman delves into the mind of a passionate but disturbed do-gooder who ultimately cracks under his own self-inflicted ideal of perfection. Walsh poetically demonstrates the irony that imperfect people – God’s own creation – can never fully live out the divine values they incessantly preach.

Full review published at Stage Whispers.

Venus in Fur – Darlinghurst Theatre Company


Venus in Fur is an articulate, intelligent and spirited exploration of sadomasochism. Fifty Shades of Greymade BDSM commercial in the sense of familiarity but Ives’ Tony-nominated play brings a maturity of conversation that leaves the audience intellectually stimulated and ideologically torn.

Full review published in The Australian Arts Review.